Translation Services - Certified and Standard Translations

USCIS compliant, easy online

According to regulations, all certified translations must be word-for-word translations and must be accompanied by a certificate of accuracy. 

Our online translation agency's language services adhere strictly to these rules to ensure that your documents are accepted. 

Certified Translation or Standard Translation?

Certified Translation

· $35.00 per page (max. 300 words or rate $0.12 per word applies)

· A word-for-word professional translation

· Valid for USCIS

· Emailed to you in PDF format

· A certificate of accuracy, including:Signature of translator

· Signature of translation service representative

Standard Translation 

· $35.00 per page  (max. 300 words or rate $0.12 per word applies)

· A professional translation of your documents

· One-to-one replicated translation service format if editable

· Emailed to you in Word format

· Excellent quality ideal for: Legal contracts translations, employee manuals translation, Business communications translation, emails translation, text messages

· Translation of articles, blog posts and websites

· E-commerce product description translations

Our Clients

From large corporations to small businesses and individuals.

Professional Translation Services

Whether you need to translate business contracts, financial documents, websites or marketing material, you can count on Translation Service ME as your translation provider.

We have more than 10 years of experience in the translation industry in the United States, Europe and Latin America.

More than 10 years of experience

More than a decade of experience in the translation industry allow us to properly assess each project and offer solutions in line with your needs.

We offer translation services for various industries. A significant portion of our client portfolio is made up of law firms for whom we provide certified translations. However, we also have corporate clients in the financial, construction, food, hotel and aerospace industries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference between a certified and a standard translation?

A certified translation is a word-for-word translation required for official use by U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), universities, colleges, state or federal institutions and courts. A certified translation includes a certificate issued on our corporate letterhead signed by the translator and a U.S. Language Services representative in PDF format.

A standard translation is a high-quality, professional translation of documents or text-based files delivered in an editable Word file. If you require a different format (pages, rtf, txt) just let us know when placing your order using the comments field.

How long will it take? (Certified Translation)

For most common languages, including Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish you can expect to receive:

• We aim to deliver translations within 24 hour (1-2 pages).

• Texts that are larger than 2 pages need to be discussed prior to translation. Please use the message box for such queries.

• For orders in other language pairs, our team will review your documents and provide you with the delivery date once you place your order.

How can I pay?

We accept all credit cards using PayPal (no PayPal account necessary) or direct PayPal payments.

Is my payment safe?

Yes. We never receive, store or keep your credit card information. Your credit card information is processed externally by PayPal. They have been around for a while, offering the most secure payment process.